This is how these DJs used to look

Tim Bekkering
By Tim Bekkering

You wouldn’t say it, but your favorite hardcore DJs had been young, too. Over the years, most of the artists have considerably changed compared to the past: think of a new hairstyle, a wild beard or a complete other appearance. We thought it’s time to compare some photos from the past and present, that’s why we browsed through the archive to find some nice footage for you. How did hardcore DJs used to look in the past…?

1. Partyraiser & Bulletproof

Wesley and Savannah, better known as Partyraiser and Bulletproof, got to know each other ten years ago and meanwhile they’re married. After Partyraiser shared his passion for hardcore with Bulletproof, she got infected and nowadays they play together at stages like Masters of Hardcore and Dominator.

2. Neophyte

Neophyte has been in the business for over 25 years aready, that’s why we had to go way back in time for an old press picture…

3. Paul Elstak

On the old photo, Paul Elstak can be seen while producing his track ‘Rainbow In The Sky’, the other one is from now, 25 years later. On the left picture you see the same Paul Elstak, who recently hold his own event in the GelreDome, because this well-known track has been in existence for a quarter of a century now.

4. Miss K8

The saying “men age like wine and women age like milk” can definitely be disproved when looking at The Goddess of Hardcore. The left photo is her first press picture and one the right you can see the latest one of Miss K8, who meanwhile is a mum.

5. Sefa

For an old photo of Sefa we didn’t have to go that far back in time. Despite his young age, the frenchcore DJ stood already on several mainstages like Defqon.1, Dominator and Harmony of Hardcore.

6. Furyan

Also Furyan has undergone a small metamorphosis compared to a number of years ago, particularly his hair- and beardstyle.

7. MC Tha Watcher

Not only DJs look different than some years before. Also MC Tha Watcher has changed his style quite a bit. While most men lose their hair when they get older, it went the other way around in his case.

8. Dr. Peacock

Dr. Peacock has been around for quite a few years as well. Although the comparisons are certainly visible, the frenchcore legend can always be recognized by its symbolic bowler hat.

9. Angerfist

Well, perhaps not much can be said about this, except that the masked DJ has undergone a huge transformation over the years… Would you have recognized Angerfist?

Omslagfoto van Facebook page Paul Elstak
Translated from Dutch by Leonie Schott

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