This is why you don’t want to miss the Hardcore Classics at Resonate 2019

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Last year the very first edition of Resonate took place: a unique concept in which artists showcased their hardcore classics between 2005 and 2011. After this successful debut a worthy sequel is now on its way to the Autotron, so we’ll provide you with 10 reasons why you definitely don’t want to miss this as a true lover of hardcore. 

1. The ultimate ode to Hardcore Classics

“All have come to honor the sounds that sparked a revolution…” Resonate represents the ultimate ode to hardcore classics. The best, hardest and most loved artists will unite here for a trip down memory lane; one that makes the heart of a hardcore lover beats faster.  

2. The Return of DJ D

In 2013, DJ D decided to take a step back from the hardcore scene. After 6 years of absence, he now decided to temporarily put an end to his retirement, especially for Resonate! Expect a set filled with DJ D’s classics and even a special surprise: “You better be there, because there might just be a little surprise during my set…?”

3. The first edition sold out twice

The debut of Resonate in 2018 was one for the books: after the event sold out its very first edition within 3 weeks, the organisation decided to relocate to the bigger Autotron. Even after this expansion, Resonate sold out completely for the second (!) time, which truly made the debut of Resonate a big success.

4. Indoor event with outdoor times

At Resonate you’ll experience the best of both worlds: grand show elements of an indoor event, combined with the comfort of outdoor times. Resonate 2019 – Hardcore Classics will take place on the 16th of November from 13:30 until 01:00, so you’ll still be able to make something of your Sunday. All in all there’re no excuses not to visit!

5. The greatest artist performing at one stage

Also for the second edition of Resonate there’s an iconic line-up waiting for you, completely full of hardcore pioneers from 2005-2011. Among others Tommyknocker, Tha Playah, Noize Suppressor & Mad Dog will return to the Autotron, but also DJs such as Partyraiser, Promo & Art of Fighters will make their debut at Resonate.

Resonate 2019 line-up:

Art of Fighters LIVE | DJ D | Evil Activities LIVE | Endymion & Nosferatu ‘Enzyme’ | G-Town Madness | Mad Dog | Neophyte | Nitrogenetics LIVE | Noize Suppressor | Partyraiser | Promo | Tha Playah | The Viper | Tommyknocker | MC Alee | MC Syco

6. Epic live-acts you’ll remember from the past

Besides some of the most legendary names within the hardcore scene, there are also epic live-acts waiting for you during the new edition of Resonate. Among others Evil Activities, Art of Fighters and even Nitrogenetics will take place behind the decks LIVE!

7. Amazing atmosphere from the old and new generation

One of the things making Resonate one of its kind, is the amazing atmosphere spreading across the Autotron’s dancefloor. True lovers from the old and the new generation will unite here for the ultimate ode to the classics. So get a hold of your tissues, with this many classics you’ll shed a few tears – without a doubt!

8. Unique combinations behind the decks

As you may have seen in the video, there are a lot of special DJ combinations planned for the 16th of November. During Resonate, hardcore heroes G-Town Madness & The Viper will combine their strengths and none other than Endymion & Nosferatu will play a very special ‘Enzyme’ set. Both acts haven’t performed together for years, so you definitely should visit Resonate if not only for these unique sets.

9. Autotron is the perfect location

The Autotron in Rosmalen takes great care of hardcore lovers. Besides being very easily to travel to, you’ll be able to enjoy a worthy show and the best classics being blasted through the speakers – all in one grand hall. Furthermore, as a visitor you’ll have more than enough room to kick away with your Air Max.

Resonate 2019

10. Cheap tickets, so value for your money

Tickets for Resonate are still available now, but be sure you don’t wait too long! Last year Resonate sold out twice for good reason, which promises grand things for the new edition as well. Including service fee a ticket will cost you €38,50, so it’s a very good deal for such a legendary line-up, atmosphere and show!

Resonate 2019 – Hardcore Classics will take place on the 16th of November at the Autotron in Rosmalen. Tickets are still available now via the official website of the event. “They can no longer ignore us, for hardcore classics are destined to stay.”

Footage via Facebook-page Resonate 

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