‘Thunderdome Never Dies’ now available on DVD

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

A few months ago, ‘Thunderdome Never Dies – The Full Story’ premiered. 1800 gabbers came to see it and filled all seven sold out cinema halls, which made it the biggest premiere ever held in Utrecht. And now, you can order the DVD yourself! 

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The documentary about Thunderdome tells the whole story about the iconic hardcore brand, including throwbacks to the early days, interviews with pioneers of the scene and the comeback in 2017. The Dutch movie takes 80 minutes, and is a must-see for all gabbers!

Thunderdome Never Dies now out on DVD

You can now order the ‘Thunderdome Never Dies’ DVD via bol.com for €14,99. Do you want to have a chance at winning 2 free DVDs? Have a look at the Hardcore News socials down below.

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