‘Thunderdome Never Dies – The Full Story’ will be in theaters next month

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Today the long-awaited trailer and release date of the ‘Thunderdome Never Dies – The Full Story’ movie have finally been revealed. And that’s not all: the movie about the comeback of the legendary Thunderdome will already be in theaters next month! 

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The brand new movie, directed by Ted Alkemade & Vera Holland, tells the complete story of the well-known Thunderdome. From looking back on the old days (“1 in 3 were gabber!”), to interviews with hardcore pionieers (“it’s in our culture, Dutch people want to go hard!”) and the story behind the legendary comeback (“it took us 5 fucking years, but we’re back baby!”). This is what you can expect from The Full Story.

“Thunderdome revolutionized clubbing in the nineties and laid the foundations of the Netherlands’ biggest cultural export: dance music. In 2017, Thunderdome returned after a hiatus of five years. Will Thunderdome manage to reinvent itself for a new generation of ravers? Go on a trip down memory lane and look towards the future with the pioneers of the early days and with tomorrow’s most promising talents.”

“The movie about the history and comeback of the most legendary Dutch party”

Thunderdome Never Dies – The Full Story will start playing in Dutch theaters on the 14th of November. Via the official website www.thunderdomeneverdies.com you’ll also find the ticket sales will start on Friday the 1st of November. Have a look at the brand new Thunderdome Never Dies trailer down below.

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