Thunderdome Outdoor is not going to happen: “It was a joke”

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

The rumours about a complete new edition of Thunderdome Outdoor started yesterday all of a sudden. One week after the return of The Wizard for it’s 25th anniversary there would be a festival version of the most iconic hardcore event coming next year. What happened next is that a lot of gabbers got disappointed, unfortunately.

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Organization ID&T denied these rumours in an early stage and told that this activity wasn’t one from their headquarters. After a – let’s be honest – quite professional looking livestream went online, lots of hardcore fanatics believed in an actual Thunderdome Outdoor edition. “I like to fool people and prank them”, says the unofficial Facebook page of Thunderdome Outdoor when we ask him why he started all of this in the first place. His timeline was filled with nothing else but content about Thunderdome last week and so he decided to started the page. “I listen to hardcore music since the early 90’s, I still have a lot of CD’s at home and I’ve been to parties like Thunderdome 10 Years back in the day. For this prank I spent like 15 minutes on doing the artwork. After that it took me like 5 minutes to make a video in Windows MovieMaker and this way I had something that I could stream. It turned out exactly what I expected.”

‘Thunderdome Outdoor has never been an option’

Apparently the event from last week on Saturday has left a good impression and lots of gabbers gave a like or comment to the fake live stream which started the rumours. “Some people responded well to it, but others started to send me messages with threats and calling me names via my page. When you look at the last 20 minutes of the first stream, you’ll see that it’s all just a joke. Then I did a second livestream because the page still got lots likes and people kept on sharing the posts.”

Meanwhile the cover image of the page has been changed into Trollderdome and is has been obviously clear that it is a prank. For now we all have to do it with our memories from one week ago at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

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