Wasted Mind about his break and the future: “I’ll keep making new tunes and stay positive”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

A few years ago, Wasted Mind took a break due to personal matters. Last June, he made his comeback during Defqon.1, and in the meantime he has different bookings such as IMPAQT Festival planned again. In an interview with Q-dance, the Spanish DJ talks more about why he took a break and what still awaits us in the future.

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To Q-dance, Wasted Mind explains he quit performing and producing because of his anxiety. He couldn’t combine 3 different jobs and being a dad at the same time. After 3 years, The Wishlist Agency contacted Wasted Mind to get him on stage again, and after a lot of thinking he officially ended his break. When it was time for the return at Defqon.1, it felt like he had never left.

“I felt really good. I was very nervous in the beginning because I always played with CDs and new technologies sometimes don’t work as you expect but it was good! In any part of the set, I almost cried remembering my old times. Too many memories in my head!”

“I have 3 new tracks ready to release, hope to do it soon!”

The future looks bright again as well, since Wasted Mind tells he has already created 3 brand new tracks in a new studio. Also on his bucketlist, he still has some things to do… “I still have to fly on a private jet. It seems now that’s the only way to show people your career is going well haha!”

Do you want to witness Wasted Mind his performance at IMPAQT? IMPAQT 2019 – Festival of Titans will take place on the 7th of September at the Airport Weeze in Germany. Tickets are still available via the official website of the event

Wasted Mind interview

Footage via Facebook-page Wasted Mind

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