Why ‘Brutality 2019 – The Hardest NYE’ is the best way to start your new year 2020

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

New Year’s Eve marks the day of the beginning of a new year – a special day for most people which they want to celebrate in style. Brutality – The Hardest NYE will take place for the second time and got all hardcore fans covered with some of the most sought-after acts of the scene.

Hardcore lovers don’t have to worry about plans for the last night of the year. On 31st December, Brutality in Time Out in Gemert will again be the gathering for some of the leading DJs like Partyraiser, Kosakoff and Evil Activities and of course all fans of hardcore and its subgenres. Because a die-hard can’t miss this event, here are 10 reasons why you should definitely take part in Brutality NYE.

1. The only hardcore event on New Year’s Eve

If you want to go out and enjoy the whole evening with music starting at 160 BPM and way above, then Brutality is your place to be. It’s the one and only hardcore event happening in this night, so you don’t have to get your head cracking about how to celebrate your New Year’s Eve. Take your chance, put your rave shoes on and join this hell of a party.

brutality nye time out

2. Previous edition was completely sold out

The very first edition of Brutality happened on NYE last year and although it was the debut event, it was already 100% sold out. Considering the first edition was a success with a great vibe and this year’s ticket sale is going fast, it’s very likely Brutality will be sold out again. Sold out parties can surely be seen as a proof of people’s enjoyment, so you definitely don’t want to miss this out.

3. 25+ leading hardcore acts

The organisation has called for 27 leading hardcore DJs and 2 MCs to ensure the sets will impress you once again. 27 acts presenting 27 solo-sets, including Deadly Guns, Andy The Core and Lady Dammage. Brutality’s organisation claims to “have invited the elite in brutal hardcore to end your year.” Check the full line-up right down below.

Partyraiser | Korsakoff | Evil Activities | Deadly Guns | D-Fence | GPF | Destructive Tendencies presents ‘Nefarious’ | The Sickest Squad | Andy the Core | Lady Dammage | F. Noize | Spitnoise | Estasia | Bulletproof | Never Surrender | Hatred | Sjammienators | Unproven | Noisekick | NSD | Terrorclown | Plague | SRB | Anhatema | Hardbouncer | Iniga | Tha Watcher | The Syntax MC

4. The very best from your favorite hardcore genres, divided in 3 areas

The playing artists at Brutality represent several extreme hardcore subgenres in your favorite speeds, up to uptempo and terror. The event will take place in 3 different areas, where each genre has its own stage. The organisation chose DJs who will “test the speed limits of your arms and legs. This is only for the ultimate die-hards, who love to live dangerously!”

5. Sound system perfect for hardcore all night long

Brutal sounds require high-quality sound systems, of which the organisation is surely aware of. Of course they cared for the right stereo equipment to ensure you pleasant sounds during a whole night full of extreme hardcore: “We selected only the best and made everything ready for a night of Brutality!”

6. Destructive Tendencies presents Nefarious

Destructive Tendencies is a very well-known name in the hardcore scene, but with their act Nefarious they return to their uptempo roots. During Brutality they present a Nefarious set and raise the BPM compared to their usual sound for lovers of a higher speed. You can’t experience Nefarious very often, so make sure you don’t miss out on this special set!

7. Easy travel with bus companies

Brutality cooperates with several bus companies from different countries to guarantee you an easy, safe and fun way to and from the party. Party Vervoer is responsible for bus drives within the Netherlands, HardTours for South/West-Germany, Feierreisen for North-/East-Germany and Festimove & Akkros for France & Belgium. Jump on the bus, get in party mood with your fellow raver friends and don’t waste any thoughts about how to get home again.

Brutality NYE

8. Good price-performance ratio

While New Year’s Eve is a good occasion to raise prices, Brutality stays fair and reasonable with their ticket costs. Celebrating the start into the new year with a night full of hardcore, uptempo & terror played by the most respected acts in the scene, cost you at Brutality only €39,70. Since the ticket doesn’t cost you a fortune, you have more money remaining for beer – win-win situation!

9. Party in one of Netherland’s most popular discos

Brutality takes place in Time Out in Gemert, one of the biggest discotheques in the Netherlands. It’s a venue already used for several harder styles events in the past and also for last year’s Brutality. There, the location has proved to be optimal for a brand new edition of “The Hardest NYE.” 

10. Starting the year with a bang

“Brutality is the best way to start your new year with nothing but HARDCORE!”, says the organisation. At this event you start your year literally with a bang! Banger after banger all night long, while being surrounded by like-minded souls who like to get crazy just like you. Don’t miss out on Brutality to “start your year in the best way possible!” Cheers!

These are just some of many more reasons why you should definitely visit Brutality – The Hardest NYE. The event takes place in Time Out in Gemert on 31st December 2019. Time to head over to the official event website to get your tickets! 

Footage via Facebook page Brutality

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