Why REBiRTH Festival is the perfect start of your hardcore festival season

Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

With just a few months to go, we slowly start looking forward to that time of the year where you can breath in fresh air and rave in the open sun, the outdoor season. REBiRTH Festival is known as the kick-off of the festival season for years now, and since last year hardcore became more and more important to the festival. That’s why we have an overview with reasons why you should start your hardcore festival season at REBiRTH Festival in Haaren. 

Two days of hardcore

REBiRTH Festival is expanding, and because of that there will be a hardcore stage on Saturday and Sunday! Last year there only was place for hardcore on Sunday, but this year you can enjoy the hardest styles on Saturday and Sunday, all day long.

Finally, outdoors again

Do you recognize the feeling, that after months of going to night events you can finally breath in fresh air again? Trough the years REBiRTH became the ultimate kick-off of the festival season. That means you can get those Air Max dirty again, by raving outdoors in the spring sun. What else do you want as a hardcore lover?

New at REBiRTH Festival: the campsite!

Past years, the festival took place on Saturdays and Sundays, but this year the festival starts at Friday. So kick-off your festival season at the 12th, 13th and 14th of April, and rave for three days at REBiRTH.

New this year is the REBiRTH Residence. This festival campsite offers you various ways to stay after a day of raving, at the ultimate opening of your hardcore festival season. You can bring your own tent, stay with your crew at the Friends Camp or stay in a Festipi or Flexhotel if you are looking for more luxury.

The hardest line-up

Now that hardcore will be there for two days the organization of REBiRTH Festival did go big with their line-up for this stage. Among others Dr. Peacock, F. NøIzE and Mad Dog vs. AniMe will perform on Saturday while Miss K8, Partyraiser and Sefa will make their appearance on Sunday. Check-out the full hardcore line-up down below or click here for the line-up of the other stages.

This is the hardcore line-up van REBiRTH Festival:

Crypton, D-Fence, Dr. Peacock, F. NøIzE, Korsakoff, Mad Dog vs. AniMe, Never Surrender, Nosferatu ‘Approach to Midnight’ Showcase, Re-Style, Tha Playah ‘Sick and Twisted’ Showcase, Hosted by: Tha Watcher

Access One, Angerfist LIVE, Bodyshock, Deadly Guns, Destructive Tendencies, Furyan ‘Fatal Fields’ LIVE, Miss K8, N-Vitral, Partyraiser, Sefa, Hosted by: Tha Watcher

Unique album showcases & brilliant live-acts

As mentioned earlier, the organization did go big with their line-up. On Saturday there will be two artists who will give an album showcase. Nosferatu will give a showcase of his already released (and well received) album Approach to Midnight, while Tha Playah will do a showcase of his upcoming album Sick and Twisted. Several hardcore lovers are looking forward to that upcoming album. Besides the showcase, there will be multiple live-acts. Among others, Angerfist LIVE and Furyan with ‘Fatal Fields’ LIVE. That will be total mayhem during these acts..

The nice spring sun

We don’t know how they do it, but the past years the weather was always great during REBiRTH. Look at the pictures of the last editions, the only thing you’ll see is sun and people in t-shirts. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a certanity for perfect weather, because the festival takes place in April.

Proclaimed to be the Best Harder Styles Festival

Last week REBiRTH Festival won the award for Best Harder Styles Festival of 2018 by Festivalchart. Over 35.000 people casted their votes and that ended up with REBiRTH Festival at the number one spot. How can you kick-off your festival season better, than going to the best harder styles festival of 2018?

Shortly, REBiRTH is the ultimate festival to open your hardcore season with. Do you want to open your season at REBiRTH? The event is sold out for 70%, so get your tickets fast and secure your stay at the official website of REBiRTH Festival.

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