Album review: Dither – Tools of Demolition

Pim Dijkgraaf
By Pim Dijkgraaf

“IT’S TIME FOR DEMOLITION!” Dither’s new album Tools Of Demolition is finally there! The time has come to listen what tools The Demolition Man added to his box. His dark and experimental sound helped Dither to become the industrial hardcore legend he is today. This album takes the authentic Dither sound to a whole new level.

A brutal upgrade to the authentic Dither sound

Considering the level of detail in the sound design of this album, we’re suspecting Maarten has locked himself in the studio all winter. The insanely screeching tool in the last part of Dither’s track ‘Tools Of Demolition’ is a great example of such details.

Another true gem is ‘Detonate’, a collab with Cesqeaux. This track combines Dithers original experimental soul with the new energy introduced on the album. This new gem is another great Barong collab and ads beautiful contrast to the track list.

Dither – Tools of Demolition

01. Intro (The Demolition Man)
02. Terminate
03. God Is Dead (Ft. Luminite)
04. Mokerharde Kicks
05. The Get Down
06. Blow The Speakers
07. Tools Of Demolition (Ft. MC Focus)
08. Detonate (Ft. Cesqeaux)
09. Real Droppa (Ft. N-Vitral)
10. Get It Twisted (Ft. Warface)
11. Make It Work
12. Analoog (Ft. D-Fence)
13. Strictly Hardcore (Ft. Promo)
14. Playing With Fire (Ft. Deadly Guns)
15. Blast Off
16. Hardcore Heartbreak (Ft. Lil Texas)
17. Soul Eater
18. Outro (Mission Complete)

Surprisingly great collabs

Some tracks on the album are maybe not the collabs most people would come up with, like Luminite and D-Fence. Not the first names to associate with Dither, but these overpowering tracks are greater than we could have expected. We already know ‘Playing With Fire’ of course; this collaboration with Deadly Guns was a good preview on the overall energy of this album. It reminds us of how hardcore is supposed to sound and the bass is supposed to vibrate straight into your bones. This very special album introduces a grown-up Dither, finally performing at his full potential.

Tools Of Demolition is a collection of eighteen tracks showing the dots are starting to connect. The variation that characterizes Dither is still very much alive, but there is something new. Something all tracks have in common. THE INSANE ENERGY! The true die hard fans already suspected that a big change was about to come. That day is today. IT’S TIME FOR DEMOLITION!

You can now listen to the album via this link. Make sure you don’t miss the Tools Of Demolition album showcase on Defqon 1. Festival this weekend. His album will be shown at its full potential for the first time in the BLACK area at 15:00. 

Dither album

Footage via Sara Vasseghi

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