Andy The Core & Detest are about to drop their new collab

Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Andrea, better known as Andy The Core, and Daniel, alias Detest, have found each other in the studio. Brutale meets PRSPCT in this gathering of musical influences, where both of these gentlemen make sure that their studio gets demolished when the result of their collab is finally out.

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Both DJ’s are quite on a roll lately. With bookings at the biggest events around and the heavy support from fans they always know how to deliver to the audience. Just now a photo appeared on Andy The Core‘s social media that the collaboration is about to come real soon and Detest revealed (a part) of the name of their track together, called ‘Bleed …’

The collab between Andy The Core & Detest is about to hit you soon

Hopefully we don’t wait too long until we can hear the sound of the new record. Listen to these two recent tracks of both of these mad men, so you can imagine how their collab will sound like:

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