Angernoizer responsible for very first TITANIUM Festival anthem

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

TITANIUM Festival – The Hardcore Saga is a new hardcore festival and has big plans for the first edition. The gigantic line-up is revealed a while ago, but the orgagnization has now announced who will make the anthem.

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Peacock in Concert, Partyraiser vs Paul Elstak and DRS LIVE are some of the acts who will perform at the mainstage of TITANIUM Festival. Angernoizer also plays there and he is responsible for the very first anthem of the event. This became clear by a video on social media in which the entire line-up of this area came by.

Last year, the hardcore DJ released his debut album Ready For War, for which he made sixteen tracks. Angernoizer presented this album by his own event in the Time Out in Gemert. Now, the DJ will work on the anthem of TITANIUM Festival that he will play during his set Angernoizer presents: TITANIUM the Anthem.

TITANIUM Festival 2019 anthem made by Angernoizer

Now it’s clear Angernoizer will make the track of the festival, but when this will be released is still not revealed. To stay up to date about the festival and it’s anthem, go to the website of TITANIUM Festival.


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Photo by Facebook page Angernoizer

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