Barber introduces Barbaric Records: “High quality uptempo, with love for the music!”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Just now, none other than Barber announced he will introduce a brand-new label: Barbaric Records. We talked to Jordi about this fresh uptempo musical platform, and all we can expect from it in the future. 

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An established record label that provides you with high quality uptempo, with love for the music and originality as a priority”, that’s what Barber wants to achieve with the brand-new Barbaric Records. “I want to create the feeling of a true team, in which artists can support each other in producing and other artist related business, in order to take each other to the next level.” Therefore, the new label will represent the Barbaric Family – for both the artists and the fans. “family in which the love for the music comes first!

“I’ll kick things off with the release of my Billionaire EP”

Barbaric Records will work on a non-exclusive basis, so there’ll be no strings attached. “This means everyone with a good demo can release their tracks on our label. The artists will also have the freedom to release on other labels.” Right now a lot of interesting demos are coming in according to Jordi, so he’s expecting to expand soon. “The first artists that will already be releasing on Barbaric Records soon are among others Unproven, Vandal!sm, Tharoza, The Sequel, Frenchfaces, Basspunkz & Sinner!”

Barber Barbaric Records uptempo hardcore 1

On the 10th of July, Barber will kick things off with the very first release on the label: his Billionaire EP, which you can pre-save here. “And right after that I’ll do a ‘Barbaric Records Showcase’ set during the Dominator livestream! I’ll play all the (so far) planned Barbaric releases, together with a lot of my own singles and tracks from other artists I think are just great.” Barber also shares you can expect much more coming from the new Barbaric Records soon, among which new singles, remixes and EPs. “Right now I’m also putting together a somewhat exclusive Various EP, for which we have found a lot of cool new talent with a fresh new sound. So stay tuned!

To be kept updated on the latest Barbaric Records news, you can keep a close eye on both their socials and Barber’s“WELCOME TO THE BARBARIC TRIBE!”

Footage via Facebook-page Barber


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