Brand new hardcore label Afterlife Recordings: “A fired-up collective of passionate and rebellious people”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

“Fuelled by freedom, badass music and well, not giving a fuck”, this is the brand new label Afterlife Recordings! After a couple days of teasing it has finally been revealed what the ‘Afterlife’ was all about: a new hardcore label with “no fucking rul3s!”

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The artists that will be guest releasing on the brand new Afterlife Recordings are F. Noize, Monkey Bizness, Broken Minds, MBK, X-Pander, Detest and The SATAN. Together they will release high quality hardcore that doesn’t have to be bound by rules, conventions “and other boring shit”. ‘Label boss Carlos’ explains the vision that lies behind this new hardcore project.

Carlos: “Hardcore is a genre that’s been growing exponentially worldwide, which is just fucking sick to see. With this growth and development, it’s become quite a strong industry backed by a certain high level of professionalism. I personally feel like this professional vibe kinda takes away the ‘zero fucks given’ and rough edge that was the driving force behind hardcore in the first place. Hardcore in my eyes is not giving a fuck, it’s being wild and rebellious and saying a big FUCK YOU to society and the mundaneness of everyday life haha. No fucking rules!”

“We’re entering a new stage of the game, a stage of releasing whatever the hell we want”

To be kept updated on the latest news & releases you can of course keep an eye on the Afterlife socials. The brand new label promises grand things for the hardcore future, which also Katy ‘the leading lady’ can explain in grand detail.

Katy: “Afterlife is a music label made FOR hardcore fans, BY hardcore fans. We know that there’s not always just one way of doing stuff, including running a label – so with that said, we’re keen AF to have the freedom to just do crazy shit, not give a fuck about any standards and put out the sickest music for the crowd. At the moment we don’t plan on signing artists to the label, we just wanna give everyone an equal opportunity to have an Afterlife release and keep it casual. We’re not a mainstream label, we’re not an uptempo label, we’re not a frenchcore label, etc. We’re going to release whatever the fuck we want – as long as it’s sick hardcore that sounds good.”


  • Larry Hafa 14 May 2020 - 10:24

    So far only shit has been put out.


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