Broken Minds come with new track ‘Guns’

Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

The Spanish duo Broken Minds released their new track ‘Guns’ together with Myosuke. The official videoclip of the track was released online also.

In the videoclip of the track ‘Guns’, you can see various action scenes of famous movies like The Hobbit and Gladiator. Broken Minds, consisting of Rodrigo Bustamante & Omar Ruíz, have been more and more known lately. In a reaction, Broken Minds told us the story behind the track. “Two years ago in our research to renew our sound, Omar made this melody (which both of us love) but we thought it wasn’t trendy so that scared us. We left it apart in one project until we spoke with Myosuke to make a collab and we remembered that melody. Myosuke sent us the break of the track and that gave us the inspiration to finish it. We must say that it has been one of the most difficult tracks to mix in our discography. Even with that fear to bring that type of melody to the scene again, which reminds you to the old days, we have managed to make it sound as modern as possible. The crowd reactions are very positive, better than we thought they would be”, they told us excited.

Spanish hardcore duo Broken Minds is working hard

Broken Minds, releasing their tracks at Dogfight Records, performed last year among others at Masters of Hardcore and Dominator. Broken Minds had three tracks who made it into the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 of 2018: ‘Bow Down’ (#11), ‘Basshead’ (#40) and ‘Reborn’ (#89). Click here to listen to the latest track ‘Guns’ of Broken Minds on Spotify.

Photo by Instagram page Broken Minds

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