Broken Minds make remix of Angerfist’s track only with mobile phone: “It’s crazy!”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

The Spanish DJ duo Broken Minds has been busy with a special experiment in the past days. They remixed the track ‘Yes’ of Angerfist, but they didn’t do it the normal way… The only thing they used for this production was their mobile phone. 

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On their Instagram Story, the men from Broken Minds revealed they produced the Angerfist remix using only a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the FL Studio Mobile 3 app for Android. “We sampled the kick, the voice and the screech separately, added 909 drums and percussions of FL Mobile, and some FX like kick distortion, kick filter, etc… The whole track is made track by track like a normal production on your computer… Crazy!”, they explained.

In the comments, the duo tells FL Studio is the best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for them and also that Martin Garrix, Avicii and Alan Walker used this program in the past. On Broken Minds’ debut album, which came out earlier this year, the DJs been also quite experimental. “The album contains many experimental things, such as ‘Break Your Minds’ and the rawstyle inspired track ‘Ven y ágachate'”, they say.

“The whole track is made like a normal production on your computer”

Broken Minds announced they will produce an original track using only their phones, if the audience react positively on the experiment. Down below you can watch the video they uploaded aside their explanation.

Footage taken from Facebook page Broken Minds

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