Cryogenic: “I will drop more bangers, demolish stages and shock people”

Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

Anton Spekman, for hardcore lovers better known as Cryogenic, is rising fast. This year he performed among others at Defqon.1, Q-Base and Snakepit and two tracks of him ended up in the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 2018. Enough reasons to look back at 2018 and look forward to 2019, because Cryogenic has some big plans for the future. 

With his tracks ‘Bass Slut’ (#39) and ‘Mot#erF$ck3r’ (#29) he ended up twice in the MOH Top 100 2018. “That gives me an amazing feeling. A few years ago I ended up in the top 5 together with Partyraiser with ‘Middle Fingers Up’. With that track we were the first who were noted that high with an uptempo main track. Now I’m in there myself with two heavy boys, one of 230 and the other with 240 BPM, I’m really proud of that”, he explains. “In my opinion, I hoped for some more Angernoizer, Chaotic Hostillity, Repix, MBK, Gara and F.Noize in the MOH Top 100. That’s because I like those sounds, but there are more aspects that are important when it comes to that list.” 

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Cryogenic isn’t only known by his performances as a DJ. Once there was a video online where he had a kind of fight with someone in the crowd. “Even tough it’s a while ago, people ask me about it frequently. I saw some people in the crowd with a very low level of energy, and when I see that sometimes I stop my set for a minute to get that energy back into the crowd. But this time it became a very confusing situation that unfortunately ended up in one big outrage and that video that was put online didn’t help out. People know me as a very quiet, amicable and respectful person but back then I reacted to intense. If it will happen next time ,I definitely will react but it will be less intense, because I’m tired of how it went down”, Anton explains about the incident.

“We are about to go big for the release of this album, so I’m really looking forward to drop the album.”

Back to the music, because Cryogenic is telling us that has some big plans for 2019. Anton will come with a mini-album together with Angernoizer. “The idea of the album is a combination of one big bass of quality and rawness. Angernoizer is someone who’s into the scene for quiet a while now and always adapts himself to the latest trends. I know him from back in the days when he made terror tracks, if I compare that with what he produce nowadays, the only thing I have is a lot of respect for the guy. He is the one who pushed me from the beginning to go on, that’s why I’m really satisfied that we can do this together. The album will contain some solo-tracks of Michael and me and off course some collabs of us. We are about to go big for the release of this album, so I’m really looking forward to drop the album. How we are gonna do this I can’t say much now, but it will be more than just a release online and on discs.”


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The one and only who believes in me from the start ! RESPECT mister @angernoizer_official ? And thank you bud for everything!

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“The act will consist of exclusive tracks under the name of Shock-N-Destroy.”

As if the upcoming mini-album isn’t enough, Anton has more big news to announce for 2019. He will start a brand new live-act together with MBK. “Our styles are very close and our latest battles gave us really positive reactions of the crowd. That gave us the idea of starting a live-act together named Shock-N-Destroy. The name speaks for itself, so it may be clear what the people can expect of us. We will keep releasing tracks as Cryogenic and MBK. The act will consist of exclusive tracks under the name Shock-N-Destroy.”

What else Cryogenic is up to in 2019 is something he don’t want to tell us right now. “I will drop more bangers, demolish stages and shock people with my new tracks, the mini-album and the brand new live-act, that’s for sure!”

It will be a busy year for Cryogenic with a lot of new things. More info about his brand new live-act with MBK and the upcoming mini-album in collaboration with Angernoizer will be revealed later this year.

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