DJ Mad Dog is coming with a brand new album

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Visitors of Mad Dog’s set at Thunderdome’s mainstage could hear some new, unreleased tracks throughout his playtime last weekend. In an interview with the Thunderdome Magazine, the Italian hardcore producer revealed he’ll release a new album next year.

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DJ Mad Dog shared the news when he talked about his Thunderdome set with the Magazine of the event. He told he mixed new music like ‘Come Get Some’ with old tracks like ‘Welcome Down’ and even played unreleased songs. These new songs will be part of a whole new production: In 2020 I will release my new album!” After RUDENESS – Hardcore beyond rules in 2013 and Till I Die in 2017, Mad Dog adds now a new album to his long discography.

The DJ has been in the business for a very long time and made it to the top artists in the hardcore scene. He states that during his 20 years of being a producer, his style has never stayed the same and has always evolved: “From slow hardcore to fast BPM and from melodies to just distortions. I want to reinvent myself in every project, the idea to sit in the studio and make the same kind of tracks over and over would drive me crazy. But, hardcore always needs energy and a sense of profundity, because our music is a serious thing and shouldn’t be ridiculed.” Therefor, fans can be curious about the style of his new production.

New Mad Dog album coming in 2020

When his new album exactly will be released isn’t known yet, but he advises to wait for further information: “Keep an eye on my or Dogfight’s socials for the news!” Check DJ Mad Dog’s or his label Dogfight Record’s Instagram account to stay up to date.

Mad Dog album 2020 thunderdome magazine interview

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