Dr. Peacock about breathtaking ‘Peacock in Concert’ show during Defqon.1 at Home

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

This year, everything is different: Defqon.1 could not take place in the normal way, so Q-dance came up with something unique. They have even managed to create a bizarre weekend, full of unique shows. For three days, there was a livestream, and we, harder styles lovers, were served a delicious portion of sets.

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One of the highlights of the weekend: Dr. Peacock. Little was known in advance about exactly what he was going to do. Peacock in Concert maybe? The prayers of Frenchcore fans were heard: it turned out to be a Peacock in Concert show. But what he exhibited this time exceeded expectations: in a truly unique location—the Austerlitz Pyramid—Dr. Peacock took his orchestra to unprecedented heights; drone images, 360 cameras, hard beats, and the ever-present enthusiasm splashed from the screen.

We asked Dr. Peacock about the idea behind this impressive live stream: “When Q-dance asked if I wanted to do something unique for the Defqon.1 weekend, I didn’t have to think twice. Yes of course!” Dr. Peacock continues: “I immediately brought some creatives together and discussed what we could do —from the very first moment, ideas were brought up that literally sounded like music to my ears, but I never dreamed that it came out.”

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The impact of the set—how it turned out afterwards—was immense. Dr. Peacock: “I heard from Q-dance that a whole lot of people tuned in during my set — isn’t that bizarre?” The comment section of the liveset includes a lot of comments that do not lie. One fan writes: “It’s just you who can let me smile, cry, laugh, sing, scream and dance like I’m on drugs. The moment when the guitar started playing, at 22:40, was the moment when I nearly cried. No sh * t, how can someone combine such epic, emotional and lovely music with hard and naughty kicks like that. For me, you are the best DJ – no doubt. But the concerts … MAN what do you do with my emotions, I still need to recover. Love you for bringing this enormous kind of joy, you’re unquestionably the best! ”

This is just a small selection from the massive amount of positive reactions. Frenchcore appears to have gained a lot of ground in recent years, and Dr. Peacock’s set once again shows why he is rightfully called ‘The Godfather’ of Frenchcore. Fortunately, Dr. Peacock is not sitting still at all: “I have released a lot of new music, and I will continue to release a lot of new music in the coming period. After my set I read so many comments about certain tracks; it is now time for me to release them.”

Peacock in Concert enchants the Defqon.1 at Home livestream

The Defqon.1 weekend was a great success story for Dr. Peacock. His set also shows us how much we crave the festivals. Because, no matter how beautiful the set of Dr. Peacock was, you just want to be there, feel the bass, see the flames, and enjoy yourself with your friends. Dr. Peacock’s set shows us that you should never stop dreaming. So let’s all dream about getting together at our beloved festivals, clubs and artists. Who knows, it may happen faster than we think possible.

For those who missed the set; check it out below!

Footage taken from Facebook page Dr. Peacock / Spark

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