Gabbers talk about preconceptions on national television: “We love other music as well”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

In the new Dutch program ‘Ali’s mensentuin’, well-known rapper Ali B invites 5 different groups, who fit into 5 stereotypes. Together they discuss opinions, preconceptions and similarities with each other. This week there was a very well-known group present: gabbers!

“The homo hakkus pastillus” group in Ali’s mensentuin consists of some familiar faces: Sietse (Da Mouth of Madness) and Matthijs & René from the documentary Wognum. To start the episode, the exaggerated preconceptions are mentioned: “They are all bold, make feet kicking movements, it’s only for white people, and they live on candy in the shape of pills and powder.”

After this, they talk more about these preconceptions and try to find similarities with the other groups; transgenders, elderly, Surinamese moms and sex workers. Among other things, Da Mouth of Madness talks openly about his father’s addiction and his own fatherhood, and Matthijs takes place behind the piano to show gabbers also like (playing) classical music.

Gabbers on Dutch national TV with Ali B

The complete Dutch episode can be found on the SBS6, where you’ll find gabbers hakking with Ali B, dancing with Surinamese moms and even take a seat behind the piano. But most importantly: national TV explained more about gabbers and their depth.

Footage via SBS6

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