Hardcore is once again well represented in the REBiRTH Festival Saturday line-up

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

For the kick-off of the festival season, REBiRTH will once again offer plenty of hardcore. After the organisation announced the theme ‘Island of Infinity’ earlier, they have now also announced the complete Saturday line-up

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Ever since last year, REBiRTH Festival offers a hardcore stage on both Saturday and Sunday. The organisation has just announced the complete Saturday line-up, and once again hardcore will be well represented with big names at the Revenge stage. Among others Partyraiser, Deadly Guns en Tha Playah will play, Andy The Core will present Undisputed, and Mad Dog & Nosferatu will enter a hard battle; so there’s more than enough to look forward to. Have a look at the complete line-up down below. 

“Residents of REBiRTH, welcome to our Island of Infinity!”

Now the Saturday line-up for REBiRTH has been announced, the Friday and Sunday will follow soon as well. REBiRTH Festival will take place on 10th, 11th and 12th of April 2020 in Haaren. Loyalty tickets are available now, followed by the regular ticket sales which will start soon via the official website of the event.

REBiRTH 2020 line-up zaterdag

This is the complete Saturday line-up for REBiRTH:

Adrenalize – Atmozfears & Sound Rush present 2 //\\ 1 – D-Block & S-te-Fan – D-Sturb – Demi Kanon – End of Line – Strive for Domination! – Jay Reeve – KELTEK – Noisecontrollers NC200 Showcase – Sub Zero Project LIVE   – Ran-D – Rebelion – Rejecta – Villain

Act of Rage – Apexx – Clockartz presents Chord V – Delete VIP – E-Force vs RVAGE – Frequencerz – Killshot: BEASTMODE LIVE – Malice – Radical Redemption – Regain vs Neroz – Riot Shift – Rooler – Sub Sonik: Kings Never Die – Vertile – Livid

A-Lusion – Adaro – Adrenalize – Alphaverb – Atmozfears – D-Block & S-te-Fan – Josh & Wesz vs Low-E & Alter Egosz – NSCLT – Psyko Punkz – Ran-D – The Pitcher LIVE – The Z – Da Syndrome

Crude Intentions – Evil Activities – Geck-O vs Geck-E – Korsakoff presents Pink Noise – MANDY – Mark With a K & MC Chucky – Mental Theo – Outsiders – Ransom – The Darkraver – Vince: Spinning Session – DL

Reborn Raw
Artifact vs D-Attack – Aversion vs Cryex – Bloodlust – Chris One LIVE – Gearbox presents The Future by FRAW, Invictuz & The Straikerz – Krowdexx vs Physika – Luminite: Album Showcase – Mind Dimension vs The Purge vs Genox – Ncrypta LIVE – Sickmode: Album Showcase – Thyron – Udex ‘Corrupted’ Album Showcase – Unresolved vs Project Core – Focus

Andy The Core presents Undisputed – D-Fence – Deadly Guns – F. Noize LIVE – GPF – Mad Dog vs Nosferatu – Never Surrender – Partyraiser – Tha Playah – The Satan – Unifire – Vandal!sm vs Trespassed – Tha Watcher

Feest Arena
Alles & Iedereen – Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd’rop – Daani – DJ Jantje – Fatguys – Flabbergasted Gekkenhuys – It All Started In The Nineties – Lanterfantje – Stan

Footage van Facebook-page REBiRTH Festival

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