Is Thunderdome returning to the legendary Sportpaleis in Antwerpen?

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

It really looks like Thunderdome is going to return at the legendary Sportpaleis in Antwerpen. Last night, visitors of Reverze received a magazine, in which the Thunderdome Wizard is featured with the colours of the Belgian flag.

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For most gabbers, the editions in Sportpaleis were one of the most memorable ones. For example, the live registration of Thunderdome 1997 – Global Hardcore Nation, has over 8,5 million views at the Thunderdome YouTube channel! The Wizard has a few of his most legendary editions at the Belgian venue and it seems that there’s more to it.

Is this the return of Thunderdome at the Sportpaleis in Belgium?

So far, Thunderdome hasn’t publish anything online so far, besides the ad in the Reverze magazine. Keep an eye on their socials for more info.

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Cover image taken from Facebook page Thunderdome

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