Miss K8 about her new life as a mother: “It’s always been crazily busy”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Miss K8 made it into the latest issue of the Glamour Magazine, where two pages are dedicated to the hardcore DJ. She’s talking about being a woman in a business where mainly men are working – and about her new life as a mother.

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From the hardcore festival life to gentleness of motherhood: two months ago, Miss K8 gave birth to her daughter. While most mothers go on a long maternity leave, Kateryna was already performing at the Dominator mainstage shortly after her baby came into the world. It’s conceivable how huge this life change must be and that it’s affecting her job as a DJ. “I used to go to a lot of different places, but that’s all different now.”

And suddenly you have a gabber baby who needs your attention 24/7. In her Glamour interview she elaborates: “It’s always been crazily busy and that has to change now.” Miss K8 also admits she’s lucky because her work is mainly on weekends and can be at home from Monday to Friday, but still has to cut back her work on stage: “Actually now I just accept bookings close to my home that I can quickly come back to my daughter afterwards.”

Miss K8: “It’s great to see that more females made it into the DJ Mag Top 100”

The hardcore DJ got voted into the Top 100 DJ Mag four times in a row, with an impressive spot on the 58th place last year. Also her track ‘Out Of The Frame’ was elected as the best hardcore track of the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 in 2018. Now she is having two jobs at once, but is still not respected from the whole music scene: “If you play at a big festival as a woman there’s always someone to say: ‘You just play there because you look good or because you’re a woman.’ They’re commenting on Instagram the equipment was turned off and I didn’t play live. As a woman you have to work as double as hard to prove yourself in this genre. It’s important to prove yourself as a DJ, that’s how you build a dedicated fanbase.”

If you want to read the whole article about Miss K8, grab the latest Glamour Netherlands Magazine at your next grocery store.

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