Partyraiser, F.NøIzE and Hyrule War present BKJN vs. Partyraiser Festival anthem

Maartje Hagenbeek
By Maartje Hagenbeek

This weekend we’re going to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Partyraiser during the outdoor edition of BKJN vs. Partyraiser. To honour this birthday, the organization and the man himself went all out: five in- and outdoor area’s with more than 60 artists divided over fifteen hours. The only thing missing in the run up to this event, was the anthem. But that changes now.

Just now, it was announced that the creators of the last anthem will join forces once again. PartyraiserF.NøIzE and Hyrule War went into the studio and came up with ‘Legends Never Die’. For the last edition of the BKJN event, the three gentleman produced the track ‘The Big Ten’ and now they did it once again. You can find the complete anthem below this article.

Saturday the 30th of July we will travel to the SilverDome in Zoetermeer for BKJN vs. Partyraiser Festival – Legends Never Die. Tickets and more information can be found on the official BKJN website.

Footage taken from Facebook-pagina F.NøIzE

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