Paul Elstak’s surgery has been successfully completed

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Paul Elstak has spent a night in the hospital because of a surgery. “The surgery has gone well and my gall bladder is removed”, says The Godfather of Hardcore on his socials. He doesn’t have to worry anymore about the pain attacks during his performances.

A while ago, Paul Elstak posted a message on his social media in which he told he made an appointment with the doctor. The hardcore DJ didn’t seem to be impressed at that time: “Enough people live without a gall bladder, so it’s going to be all right.” Yesterday, his gall bladder has been removed and because of this, DJ Paul can stand behind the desks without much pain in the future. In the past, it caused some problems for Paul Elstak, since he had to cancel some bookings due to pain attacks.

Paul Elstak’s gall bladder surgery successfully completed

Today, The Godfather of Hardcore will be released from the hospital, but he has to recover of his surgery of course and that’s why he won’t perform this weekend. Next week, he can go back to work at TITANIUM Festival and 90’s No Limits. To stay up to date about his recovery and upcoming performances, go to the Facebook page of Paul Elstak.

Photo by Facebook-pagina Paul Elstak

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