Repix talks openly about his rollercoaster career: “You were crowned number 1, but you still start the race as the last one”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

He has been known as an uptempo artist for years and has performed at some of the biggest events such as Hardshock Festival, Intents Festival and Thunderdome. You definitely know him through his number 1 hit ‘Ode to the Godfather’, with which he conquered the MOH Top 100. We talked to none other than Repix about the ups and downs of his career, and all the things he still has in store for us. 

In 2012 Nick van Middendorp, better known among the hardcore audience as Repix, started his DJ career. He began with his own internet radio station, moved on to his shows at several hardcore radio stations and soon was asked by Q-dance if he wanted to open the Silver at Defqon.1. “And that’s when it al started for me.” 

“Ever since the number 1 hit my career actually regressed”

His career officially took off, and by now everyone knows Repix through his hit with Partyraiser: ‘Ode to the Godfather’. It has already been two years since this track was crowned number 1 in the Masters of Hardcore Top 100. However, Nick didn’t see what happened afterwards coming. “I thought from that moment on my career would thrive. I don’t know how, but it went the other way completely. Ever since the number 1 hit my career actually regressed. So in hindsight, it feels kind of weird. You were crowned number 1, but you still start the race as the last one.”

So, over the last 2 years it has gone a little quiet around Repix. “I’ve spent most of the time trying to bring my quality to the next level. I invested in my social media, and I’ve kept on producing. However, because I got booked less it just seemed like there wasn’t a lot going on.This therefore led to Nick transfering to Make You Dance Bookings. “Combined with signing at the label Smash Records, I want to turn this around to more and bigger bookings!”

“The plan is to introduce a new Repix sound: a new level, top kicks and more depth”

Taking his productions to the next level is exactly what Repix did, with his brand new EP called Needles & War. “The plan is to introduce a new Repix sound: a new level, top kicks and more depth. By combining this with the intens vocals I used, the theme Needles & War came forward.” But, creating this EP and new sound wasn’t all that easy. “It was a messy time in my life as an artist. The first 3 or 4 months I had to skip a lot of studio time due to personal reasons, which resulted in the fact me I could only use a laptop and a headset. But, during this time I’ve learned a lot of tricks about bringing forward my own sound even more.”

Even though the new Needles & War was released only a couple of days ago, Repix is proud to announce he already has another one ready. “This EP consists of 2 tracks: Raptor and USA666 together with System Overload. I’ve tested them a few times before and the crowd went absolutely wild!” And it won’t end here… “I work with my homies System Overload and Chaotic Hostility a lot, but I’m also very much looking forward to the collab with Unresolved. I’ve also made some plans with Da Mouth of Madness, and I will finish a remix for Angerfist & Dr. Peacock, which I set aside for a minute until I had the right quality of sound.”

“I also try to teach the crowd about the world we live in”

With his new sound, Repix is also trying to get across a message. “I use a lot of deep rap vocals, where you’d probably have to line up the tracks in order to get the story behind it.” With these rap vocals, Nick his story is told. “I try to teach the scene and the crowd about today’s issues and the world we live in. So I also want to trigger them to look beyond what’s in front of them.”

Working hard to achieve this, isn’t a problem to Nick. “It’s all worth it. Working hard happens without you have even realised it. The minute I start working on a track, I can go 10 hours without food or water and just focus on that one track.” The bookings represent Nick’s motivaton to really step up his game. “Each time you outdo yourself and the people notice this. In that moment you know: we’ve once again raised the bar, onto the next one!

What is on Repix’ bucketlist? “Starting a hardcore revolution. I believe, in this way, we will get to a point of no return. These days only the most extreme of the extreme is good enough, at the expense of a lot of beautiful things of being an artist and creating music.” He is also very driven to achieve a higher level. “I know I’ve got it in me. I won’t stop until I’m there, so you aren’t going to get rid of me for a long time!”

So, in conclusion we can expect great things from the motivated Repix. “There are genious projects incoming, a lot of recognizable things; dark underground just like you’re used to from me. Definitely keep an eye on my socials!’

Footage via Facebook-page Snakepit

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