Shadowlands Rave returns with a big line-up: “Join the resistance now!”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Shadowlands Rave is a well-known name within the hardcore scene. Ever since 1996, the organisation had been responsible for some of the most iconic early and millenial events, and now it’s time for their return:¬†“Shadowlands Rave is back one more time!”

From events such as Shadowlands Rave until Shadowblaster: the organistation Shadowlands Events was the place to be for hardcore lovers in the 90s. Luckily these lovers are in for a treat: in September Shadowlands Rave will return one more time, with the line-up you can find down below.

This is the Shadowlands Rave line-up:

Dana | Dione | Distortion | Franctic Freak | J.D.A. | Lenny Dee | Marc Acardipane AKA PCP LIVE | Rob | Ruffneck | Shadowlands Terrorists | The Destroyer | Tommyknocker | Unexist | Vince | MC Da Mouth of Madness | MC Opiate | MC Ruffian

“The chosen legends in this line-up all made their mark on the history of hardcore”

Shadowlands Rave 2019 – Resurrection Of The Resistance will take place on Saturday the 21st of September from 21:00 until 05:00, at the Beitel90 (ex Peppermill) in Heerlen. All Early Bird are already sold out, but regular tickets are still available via the official website.

Footage via Facebook-page Shadowlands Rave 

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