Shellshock returns in 2020 in full force after one year of absence

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

After one year of absence, Shellshock will be back in 2020 for the second edition. The debut event took place in Gorinchem but the this time, the party happens in the Eventcentre Aquabest in Best. With a new location, another date and huge names on the line-up, the event returns in full force.

“After massive request, Shellshock will return on February 15th near Eindhoven with a supreme and destructive hardcore force!”, the organisation has announced via their socials. However, quite a few things will change compared to the first edition. While Shellshock 2018 took place on the second Christmas day, the upcoming edition will be hold on 15th February. Furthermore, the previous edition was a night event, whereas next year’s visitors will enjoy the playing artists, like Miss K8, Partyraiser and Dr. Peacock, during the day. Have a look at the full line-up down below.

This is the Shellshock 2020 line-up:

Miss K8
Dr. Peacock
Tha Playah
Lady Dammage
Chaotic Hostility
System Overload
The Pusher
Hosted by MC The Syntax

“After massive request, Shellshock will return with a destructive hardcore force!”

The second edition of Shellshock will take place in the Eventcentre Aquabest in Best on 15th February 2020 from 14:00 until 02:00. If you want to be part of this hardcore gathering, get your tickets via the official event website. Check out the socials of Shellshock for more information.

Footage via Facebook page Shellshock 

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