This Is Uptempo goes full throttle and reveals line-up

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Uptempo hardcore is getting more popular by the day and that’s why uptempo events grow like mushrooms. One of those is This Is Uptempo, which was held in September for the very first time and sold out straight away. The organization has just announced there will be a new edition coming and instantly revealed it’s line-up. For those who love uptempo: you’re in for a treat.

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The secend edition of This Is Uptempo is taking place on Saturday the 21th of April 2018 and there will be – once again – a bucket load of artists present. Think of uptempo artists like Partyraiser, The Sickest Squad, DRS and many others. Everything that’s uptempo or harder will probably be found at the Time Out in Gemert (The Netherlands). “After a sold out first edition it was inevitable that there will be a follow-up coming”, says organization Confusion Events. Check out all the names down below.

This Is Uptempo announced second edition

The early bird-tickets for this event are now available through the official website. Visit for more information.

this is uptempo 2018 line-up

The This Is Uptempo 2018 line-up

Partyraiser // Scarphase // Destructive Tendencies // F-Noize // The Sickest Squad // Lady Dammage // Andy The Core // Noisekick // Sefa // DRS // N-Vitral presents Bombsquad // D-Fence // Tieum // Drokz // Deadly Guns // Spitnoise // Angernoizer // SRB // Sjammienators // NSD // Hyrule War // System Overload // Chaotic Hostility // Icha // Hardbouncer // Vandal!sm // The Vizitor // Estasia // Cryogenic // Meltdown // Violence // Bane // MC Tha Watcher // The Syntax MC

Event: This is Uptempo
Date: Saturday 21th of April 2018
Location: Time Out – Gemert
Time: 22:00 – 06:00
Age: 16+

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