Why you definitely don’t want to miss 20 years of Hardcore4life

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Hardcore4life is a well-known phenomenon in the world of hardcore for over 20 years. Especially for the anniversary of the iconic hardcore concept, B2S is going to take over one of the most legendary hardcore locations with two decades of the phatest and hardest sound, and we will tell you why you don’t want to miss this epic celebration.

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The best of 20 years of hardcore

If we take a closer look at the resumes of most hardcore enthusiasts, then it’s most likely that Hardcore4life is featured with 1 or multiple editions. The event has welcomed an insanely amount of names over all these years at the locations of Ministry of Dance, Tropicana, the enormous stage at Decibel and later on at the Maassilo. It says a lot that loads of gabbers have the Hardcore4life inked on their bodies! Specially for the 20th anniversary, we look back on two decades of hardcore with a big celebration in the iconic Ahoy Rotterdam.

With the pioneers from the past…

In 2001, when Hardcore4life was taking place for the very first time, it already had a line-up takes makes the heart of every hardcore lover go faster. Twenty years ago, legendes as Promo, Catscan and Panic were already headliners and therefor they simply had to be there on the 29th of February. Because if you don’t like the old school, then you’re not worth the new.

And the heroes of today

Nowadays, DJs fly all around the world: fans are listening to the music from the heroes of today in many, many countries. That’s why B2S has selected the names of the line-up carefully, not only with legends from the past, but also those who have shaped the hardcore scene in its newer years, like Angerfist and Sefa. They will play their tracks in front of thousands of visitors jubilee edition, in combination with a location you rarely see anywhere else.

This is the complete Hardcore4life 2020 line-up:

Deadly Guns vs. N-Vitral
Endymion vs. The Viper
Mad Dog vs. Noize Suppressor
Nosferatu: Hardcore4life special
Partyraiser vs. Spitnoise
Paul Elstak: Hardcore4life special
Promo vs. Catscan
Hosted by Alee & Diesel

With thousands of gabbers in Ahoy Rotterdam

With its rich hardcore history, Ahoy Rotterdam has really become a thing: not only visitors, bus also artists do have the music temple high on their bucket lists. You simply always can expect a huge production with loads of lasers, a big setup with lots of lights and an awesome sound system. Right before the summer, the eyes of millions of viewers are pointed at this location in Rotterdam for the Eurovision Song Contest, but not before the 20th anniversary of Hardcore4life has taken place on the last day of February!

Hardcore4life specials by Nosferatu & Paul Elstak

Those who kept an eye on the B2S socials, know that there are two extraordinary sets planned for the night. No one less than Nosferatu and Paul Elstak will bring an ode to the past two decades in their Hardcore4life Special set and you will not hear them anywhere else: a once in a lifetime thing where you definitely need to be. Expect twenty years of hardcore by the grand masters themselves, who have a strong connecting with this concept.

An amazing atmosphere that fits a hardcore milestone like this

Because 20 years of Hardcore Legacy is a huge thing. Those who visit Hardcore4life, are highly involved with hardcore music because there always have been many styles available at the event. Not only do they know those golden old tracks, but the bangers from today as well. As everyone knows, hardcore brings people together. How awesome is it then, during this special occasion, to party all together in front of 1 enormous stage? It’s a succes guaranteed, because all those fellow visitors always know when the time is right to go all out. Just like you!

Epic battles between the best DJs from different styles

Gabber and hardcore is always about friends, mates and fellow visitors: together we’re strong. This is also applicable to the line-up, because half of the sets are performed by multiple DJs from the different genres that hardcore has to offer.

What about the duo Deadly Guns vs. N-Vitral, who are up to do some heavy damage, or the combination Endymion vs. The Viper that you most likely already have partied your ass off once before, and the formation that doesn’t happen too often unfortunately, but will be happening at Hardcore4life: Partyraiser vs. Spitnoise? These mutual sets will destroy the entire Ahoy (sorry Eurovision Song Contest!).

A real hardcore enthusiast doesn’t want to miss this anniversary

One of the most well known concepts from our scene is going to give everything to celebrate 20 years of hardcore music – big time. With Rotterdam Ahoy as venue, lots of huge artists from back in the day and current legends, a production that fits an iconic anniversary like this one and sets you on fire, and all these thousands of enthusiasts on the dancefloor, will be the ingredients to remark this epic milestone.

Hardcore 4life – 20 years of Hardcore Legacy will take place on Saturday the 29th of February at Ahoy Rotterdam. Would you like to be part of the 20th anniversary? Then make sure to get your tickets and more info at www.b2s.nl.

Footage taken from Facebook page Snakepit

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